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Mr. Ritesh Arora: Founder and Group President

Few people are born with such talent as Mr. Ritesh Arora, born to let in breathe a wonderful saga of success, hard and smartly done work, with his abilities that could be described in words as exemplary display of knowledge and courage. The corporate world welcomed him and he was made to stand on the pedestal, as soon as he arrived. The leadership quality of Mr. Arora is worth being mentioned as much as the qualities of innovativeness and the self – infused cult of reinventing himself with a keen eye on his policies and his capabilities to make himself stand apart.

Undoubtedly, Mr. Arora is the one, to whom the company looks up for direction. His aptly defined level headedness while handling sales, marketing and other business development activities have become the talk of the tinsel town. He believes in excellence and there are no doubts about it when one observes how well he is taking up the projects of the UK, and the United States.

Ashu Arora: Co-Founder and CEO

Women empowerment, woman entrepreneurial characteristics and some of the best quality adjectives come forth when we talk of Ms. Ashu Arora, who has, so to say, kept time in her grip and moved ahead in a way, in which possibly few women dare to. Been in the industry from the last seven years, she has never dithered from her path championing in her forte of Human Resource Development.