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Best Ways to Improve Call Quality Monitoring

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Best Ways to Improve Call Quality Monitoring


The call monitoring and call scoring is prime to enhance the call-quality by utilizing speech analytics system. Here are some ways that can help you in improving your call quality processes:


Characterize What Constitutes a Quality Customer Interaction and What You are Measuring

The aim to call quality monitoring from an operational perspective is to distinguish the calls failing to meet predefined guidelines and get to the root cause of why. You would then be able to settle on enlightened choices to improve the procedure, speedier and faster.

Develop feedback during coaching sessions

After identifying that where the agent is short-falling and get to know the reason behind his deficit, management can use that information to enrich the feedback they provide their agents at the time of their training session. Provide the agents with an extract call recording that depicts where they exactly failed to meet the expectations and quantitative information from call scoring structures will make the criticism more concrete and complete. This will improve the feedback procedure and make the training session more successful.

Goal-oriented process

Once the management provides the agent with the effective feedback, they can simply develop an action plan for the agent by using the information that is enriched with qualitative and quantitative data from all call recordings and call scoring forms. Provide agents a goal or a task to complete within a week or a month. If the agent fails to meet the goal, go through the call recordings and tell him where he is doing wrong.

Track agent-customer interaction progress

After framing the action plan, management must use the call monitoring and call scoring process to track the agent’s progress so far. To achieve this, they must listen in on live or recorded calls that are targeted in the action plan. You should access if the agent had made the proper interaction as what is expected of them. If not, you should address the issue as soon as possible and address them to the agent, so that the agent can adjust their approach accordingly.

Improve the quality of service and customer satisfaction

The whole result of all the above-mentioned ways is more effective workforce. At the point when call center administrators take part in reliable call monitoring and scoring rehearses and give operators opportune input in view of their execution, the agent’s expertise, advancement, and effectiveness will all make strides. The agents who are more talented at connecting with clients will give better client benefit and, accordingly, customersatisfaction will increment.