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How to Handle a Customer on a Phone Call?

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How to Handle a Customer on a Phone Call?

A customer can sometimes be too much to handle over the phone. We will discuss how to deal with an angry customer on call? Try not to take it personally. Your prime aim is customer’s satisfaction, no matter what the situation is. It requires lots of patience and stability, so read the below tricks wisely:

  1. Reassure the customer

One of the first and most important things to do is to reassure the customer that you’re listening to his/her problems. Even if you aren’t able to give them exactly what they want, but they need to be assured that their message is getting somewhere. Some of the customers have had a bad experience before. That’s why you need to give them a confirmation that they have your complete attention and you intend to help.

Example: “I can certainly appreciate how you feel.” “Thank you to bring it to my attention.”

  1. Offer better solutions

What advisors need is to sell their solutions to each and every customer from all around the globe. Providing solution that meets a customer’s expectations isn’t so easy, but remember it’s not impossible though. But, bringing them into a process and offering the solution as an agreement between you two, advisors stand a much better chance of resolving the problem.

If they are not happy with your assistance, then ask them what would be needed to change and fins a middle ground.

The most important thing is to not to turn the conversation between you and customer to the wrong direction. Here are some things that you shouldn’t say to a customer:

  1. You are WRONG!!

Remember a phrase, “Boss is always right!” Well, treat the customer like a Boss, and of course! Boss can’t be wrong. For instance, you say, “Let me correct you on that.” This phrase automatically puts you like you’re defending and you become a bad guy eventually. Instead, you should say, “I must not have explained that correctly to you, my fault!” so, use the words and phrases wisely not to become a bad guy.

  1. I don’t know!

Every call center agent knows that “I don’t know” is forbidden phrase in customer support and services. It implies a lack of knowledge of an agent and reflects a bad image not only on him but the entire company which the agent is representing. Instead, you should say, “Although, we can’t provide that, here is a better/similar solution.”

It’s simple- if you don’t know the solution then simply say no. but, play with the words. Keep the customer happy at the same time while you are saying. Politeness is the key to gain customers’ perspective. Below is a simple trick about how to politely say no to a customer on call:

  1. Reframe the “NO” behind positive talks

It’s simple to say no without saying anything further in a normal conversation. “No, we don’t have this.” Instead of this, use, “I can see how this could be useful, but I’m afraid we don’t have any plans to add the function you asked for.”

  1. Offer alternatives

The best method to say no leaving a smile on customers’ face is to offer them a counter/alternate offer to their demands. You want happy customers, not just a satisfactory one. When they don’t get what they were searching for, you still have the opportunity to create a generosity point by suggesting them to look-around, even a competitor.