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How to Obtain BPO Leads – And Keep Them

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How to Obtain BPO Leads – And Keep Them

Obtain BPO Lists And How To Keep Them

Hello – thank you for visiting the REO/BPO Online Training informational page,” Obtaining Professional BPO Listings For New BPO Agents”

The goal of this particular page is to show some easy tactics for you to Obtain BPO Lists And How To Keep Them As of now, there are many opportunities for New BPO agents. Because you are here, I can guess that you are very aware of the current market and what that can mean. Take the time to really understand how BPO’s work, and what it means to obtain BPO Listings, and I guarantee you that you wont give up before you get your first lead. And that is half the battle – if you can make through the beginning and really get your foot in the door, you will make it.

Please forgive me for the motivational “speech”, but it kills me to see people, SMART people, decide to quit on something like this, when if they would just stick it out a little while longer, they would then see that people really CAN make a great living with these type’s of real estate opportunities. Take advantage of all the great tools that are available – and remember to use the tools that are available to you. A lot of time’s you can get COMPLETE training manuals and guides for like $65. As a new BPO agent, you just need to consider YOUR goal’s and what your specific needs are – many people that are trying to obtain BPO Listings have done real estate work before, or already have a good grasp on the relationship aspect and probably dont need as much help. Try to keep your mind open to the things that will help you out in the long run.

Getting The Best BPO Listings – Manually

O.K., the banks happen to be the people that you should call. Basically, its a bit like cold calling. But
in order to obtain BPO Listings, new agents have to go to the source. Now, we usually call this Manually Obtaining BPO Listings, and of course, its not the only way to get the list’s, its just that its free and you can do it anytime. To save time and get your foot right through the door, its best that you buy yourself a nice, big BPO List from a reputable BPO Listing company. These list ARE legit -(Of course you will know that immediately) -but more importantly, they give you a chance to skip the tough part, and get started on your actual BPO Leads -instead of calling or emailing ton’s of local banks.

Sometimes we have to go ahead and start out with the phone call’s, and if you have to go the route -make sure to STAND OUT. Do something more than the average BPO agent -make phone calls and send personal requests -With YOUR OWN letter head.

The more the bank’s hear from you, the better your chances are of getting those BPO Lists.
But, if you can try to get a good list of 50-100 BPO leads. In the future, after you have built some experience, I would definitely recommend calling your local banks and lenders. These relationship’s will most certainly pay off -but its better for you to have some of your own BPO Clients under the belt.

What You Do After You Have A BPO List – Impressing BPO Leads

Regardless of how you obtain your BPO Listings, you definitely should consider how you can stand out among your leads.Most likely, you wont be the only BPO agent -so proving that you are more professional than the average BPO Agent, will not only give you a better chance at success, but these lead’s will REMEMBER YOU when considering there next BPO provider. Don’t worry, you can do it easily – like for instance, get to know your leads. Say that one of them LOVES the local sports team – I guarantee that if you were to send something very simple, like the new schedule or a calendar, will not only show that you actually KNOW your lead, but they will see these items EVERYDAY -and they will think of YOU when they do!

You know, these “simple” tactic’s are not only proven to be quite effective, but they are used by everyone, the best agents, the best businessmen, and basically the best professionals, period. But the reason why these techniques are so effective, is because you are doing anything major or drastic. These geture’s are simple -yet the impact is very substantial.

Your First Big Lead – How To Make Them Happy

This might seem Obvious, but giving a Thank You card is not only ideal, but not a lot of people ACTUALLY think about doing it. Once again, you can separate yourself from other BPO Agents. Many Agents DO NOT understand that asset managers deal with 100’s of BPO’s that they issue every week – and they can easily forget you even exist. Which is great for you -as long as you show your appreciation to them for selecting you for the job.

A simple note isn’t a big deal -But – There is no question that its worth it.

Its techniques like this and the others mentioned above that will increase your ability to really make something happen in the BPO business. And, hopefully, you can see how easy it is to make a difference, without doing too much or looking like you are desperate.