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Call Connect India provides state-of-the-art Avatar service, which is particularly designed to mask foreign agent’s accents so that they can boost sales leads without bearing a loss of productivity. As we are familiar with the fact that conversation loss happens due to cheap off shore labour, when lead generation is performed with an international accent. So, we solve this complex communication issue of our clients by providing them Avatar software, which is designed with the latest technologies. It basically allows our representatives to convert prospects into potential business leads while making our clients to enjoy the benefit of using low-priced labour.

We begin our Avatar services with developing a script for our clients and launching a campaign quickly and efficiently. We have power of people, process and expertise to launch and run sales campaigns in a successful manner. Our Avatar team has agents, managers and quality control specialists who handle each call to monitor conversations and responses professionally.

Our Avatar calling services are –

  • Data Collection
  • Fund Raising
  • Sales Calls
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Service

Our Avatar service is featured with –

  • Integrated tools for business intelligence: Analyse the data and check company margins, functioning and productivity.
  • Set up in different stages: Each separate module is combined with existing systems of clients.
  • Dedicated Development Team: Client support panel has broad practical experience in handling variety of organizations

Thus, Call Connect India’s Avatar call center solution delivers advanced features that make installation of the system important for BPO industry. It is important not only to the centers that utilizes voice call design but also to those contact centers that select email and chat as their medium of communicating and interacting with the customers. Our Avatar service is a great option for middle and large sized businesses to manage calls of customers in a proper way.