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E-mail Management Support Service

Email support has now become a basic and major medium of transmitting real-time essential data and so, it influences customer relationships. That is why most companies are willingly to outsource email management services. Call Connect India has proficient manpower and resources to handle emails of customers efficiently. Our Email Management services provide broad and integrated call center solutions to businesses.

We have a team of email management specialists who promptly, accurately and efficiently answer the email queries of customers. This will improve customer satisfaction and boost the performance of business. Our offshore email management services in India bring a balance of work particularly between peak and off-peak periods. This helps to make optimum utilization of resources and time as well. We give our clients a delightful experience ofhaving lower call volumes and thus cutting huge costs related to voice support.

Our Email Management services include –

  • Marketing services
  • Technical problem resolution
  • 24×7 online support
  • Live customer support
  • Complaint registration & its resolutions
  • Deliver first-hand information on products and services

Our Email Management services cover following areas:

  • Product inquiries
  • Order taking
  • Order fulfilment
  • Query resolution
  • Feedback to inquiries
  • Requests on product or service
  • Customer guidance to collect data
  • Payment inquiries & documentation
  • Troubleshooting for products & services

With email management, we also provide chat support that enables customer care executives to make customers available with the web alliance and co-browsing aid. Our chat support is a form of web collaboration that makes customer care representatives and customers to share a common display space.

Call Connect India delivers a commitment of handling emails of customers on behalf of its clients with robust technology, trained manpower and efficient resources. Our experienced executives provide professional email support to the clients. From time to time, we conduct special workshops to educate them with emerging email technologies. This allows them to use the latest technologies in providing excellent email management services to clients.