Avatar Dialler

Avatar Dialer Software and Services

Avatar Dialer connects with the customer with the help of Artificial Intelligence, and provides zero defect calls, shorter handling time, quick resolution and seamless experience with guided communication. It can be deployed on demand for generating high quality leads and warm or hot transfers, various customer service roles, generating surveys and fixing appointments.


Key features of Avatar dialer:

  • ·         Eliminates Accent Issues.
  • ·         Zero defects on calls.
  • ·         Guided Communication.
  • ·         Keeps the agent highly focused.
  • ·         High productivity.
  • ·         Affordable price
  • ·         Personalized Dashboard.
  • ·         In-Depth reporting.
  • ·         Scalable.
  • ·         Easy to operate.
  • ·         Highly secure.
  • ·         Recommended for both inbound and outbound calls


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