Case Studies

Industry : Fundraising (B2B + B2C)

Target Country : United States

Challenge : The Client was facing a challenge of low fund collection rate with offshore outsourced vendors due to accent issues in such centers.

Solution : Our state-of-the-art Avatar Dialer, which masks the foreign accent completely eliminating the accent issues and leveraging onshore to both donors and the causes. Our Avatar Dialer takes the complexity of a sales pitch and reduces it to the simplicity of pushing buttons, allowing the agents to instantly master the fundraising pitch that results in more money collected per head and provides high closing rate for closers.

Impact : Avatar Dialer was well-received and resulted in solving the accent issue with the agents and making them sound like Wall Street pros. The results were amazing:

Stage1 : Increase fund collection rate from $15 per hour per agent to $18

Stage2 : Increase fund collection rate from $18/hr to $20/hr.

Stage3 : Set the standard for client as $22/hr

Stage4 : Increase the self set performance standard from $22/hr to $25/hr