Avatar Dialer – Delivers Perfect Sales Pitch and Enhances your Sales

Avatar Dialer

Want to streamline your support services with customers all across the globe? If so, Avatar Dialer is your Go-To solution!

Avatar Dialer is an automated solution that incorporates automated voice recordings to streamline the customer support services of business organizations.

Only sometimes the agent can speak in the same tone. At the start of the day, the agents speak confidently, but after some time, they feel low; at times, they are tired, and when ending the day with no sales, they do not even feel like speaking.

The pitch of the call centre agents matters for positive results. Here comes the role of Avatar Dialer to play!

Avatar integrates with the dialer, and the agent operates it directly from the agent screen. They listen to the customers and play the pre-recorded quality and best sounds on each query.

Know added benefits of Avatar Dialer

  1. Accent will never be an issue with Avatar: Hiring a good accent staff is one of the most significant issues in the call center domain. However, with Avatar dialer, the call centers can use a team with a good accent.
  2. Less trained: With Avatar Dialer, call centers must only prepare your agents a little about the products, various customer queries, and more.
  3. Relaxed agents: With a predictive dialer, the agent can take more than 400 calls in a shift. When agents repeat the same sentences daily more than 400 times, it makes them tired. With pre-recorded messages with Avatar Dialer, agents get time to relax, and they will also enjoy doing their work, thus enhancing productivity.

Avatar dialer uses Artificial Intelligence to connect with customers and provides zero defect calls. The dialer uses sound bites for the perfect quality sales pitch.

Once the dialer connects to the prospect, live agents do not speak directly to the customer. Instead, they would click from the soundboard and let Avatar talk in perfect English based on the market location.

Wrap up

Avatar Dialer will boost your sales while minimizing downtime between calls.


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